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Deivamagal Tamil Serial Cast, Wiki, Details and Story

Devimagal is a most famous Tamil serial running popularly in Sun TV. This serial launched on March 2013. Nearly Two and half years running successfully. Are you looking Deivamagal Tamil Serial Cast? Here we have added Deivamagal Tamil Serial Wiki, Details and Story here. Want to check it below. Now check here.

The main focus on this serial is the life of working woman and what are the struggle she faced to overcome her difficulties. This serial gives great motivation for woman. This serial produced by Vikatan Television and directed by S.Kumaran. Serial nearly crossed 700 episodes.

Deivamagal Tamil Serial Cast, Wiki, Details and Story

Deivamagal Tamil Serial

Deivamagal Tamil Serial Cast

Krishna as Prakash Chidambaram

Vani Bhojan as Sathyapriya Prakash

Rekha Krishnappa as Gayathiri Kumar

Siddharth Venkatesh as Suresh Devaraj

Sapnam as Dharani Suresh

Auditor Sridhar as Devaraj

Sabitha Anand as Saroja Devaraj

Subramani as Karthik

Vennira Aadai Nirmala as Janaki Chidambaram

Sankarabaranam Rajalakshmi as Sampoornam Sundaram

SVS Kumar as Chidambaram

Anbalaya Prabhakaran as Sundaram (Dead)

Prakash Rajan as Kumar Chidambaram

Aravind as Raju Chidambaram

Anuradha as Annapoorni

Suhasini as Vinothini Moothy

Ganesh as Moorthy

Sindhu Shyam Ganesh as Thilagavathy

Udumalai Ravi as Ekambaram

Deivamagal Tamil Serial Story

Deivamagal Actress

Prakash and Sathya plays main role in this story. They both resembles the hero and heroine of the movie. Sathya is a well-educated girl she live in rural village. As she is in Rural places she educated very well and done her graduation. Her father is a role model for her, she love him lot and she obey his word without breaking it.After her graduation her father decided to arrange marriage for her. Sathya didn’t oppose his father, the guy named Karthik one who fixed for Sathya. They both got engaged and they arranged marriage so soon. At the time of marriage due to some dowry issue Karthik mother stooped their marriage. Sathya’s father convince her lot but she never responded him, they both went out of the Mahal. Sathya’s cried lot suddenly he got heart attack,they took him to hospital as it is severe pain he passed away. This incident makes the whole family down they cannot come out of it. Sathya father got some money for interest after his death they took all of their lands and house, finally they came out of the village to survive. Sampooranam Sathya’s mother blood brother living in Chennai they all went his house with two sisters named Tharani and Anjali. Devaraj Sathya’s uncle gave place in his house to help them. But Devaraj wife Saroja treated them very badly they cannot survive there so they came out of house without letting her uncle. Sathya got job in Reputed Five Star Hotel, there she done good job and got good name from Director. Next comes the main villi Gayathri, a managing director in that hotel. From beginning Sathya and Gayathri always in contrivance, she treated Sathya very badly. She will give her personal works to Sathya, often she send Sathya to her home to bring lunch in that way Sathya become friendly with Gayathri family. Sathya treats Gayathri’s father-in-law and mother-in-law very well.

Prakash main hero of the story, he is the third son of Chidambaram. One fine day he made some mistake in front of Sathya, she complaint him to Police. Prakash misunderstood Sathya and he took revenge over her, at that time Prakash met with an accident she saved him. Finally they both become good friends. Gayathri and Prakash always fight each other, they both won’t like each other. Sathya is very active and dedicated in her work so Gayathri have curious over Sathya. Gayathri changed some plan in Sathya’s document it makes huge loss for the company, Sathya got resigned from the company. This incident makes Sathya family down, they don’t have money even for getting food. She searched many job finally she got job in Karthik company, as she gets to know later as Karthik is the owner of the company. She continued to work there, Prakash’s father ask Sampooranam to make her daughter as daughter-in-law but Sathya refused to marry as she the head of the family. Later they asked for Tharani to wed Prakash, all are ready for their marriage, finally they fixed their marriage. But Tharani don’t have interest to marry Prakash she likes her uncle’s son Suresh. Gayathri planned to kidnap Tharani during her marriage, she kidnapped her and Suresh also kidnapped by their friends finally they both got married. At last Prakash marriage stopped, all his family got upset he got angry over Tharani, he ask Sathya to marry him at first she refused later due to some circumstance she accepted to marry him. Finally Prakash and Sathya got married.

Sathya played good daughter-in-law role as their whole family likes Sathya except Gayathri. As Sathya done her marriage for compulsion they both don’t have understanding between them. After some days Prakash did lot of good things for Sathya family so she started liking him lot. Later they started loving each other, this makes Gayathri disappointed she trying to separate them. Some circumstance made them separate each other, finally they both joined together. Sathya and Prakash tried hard and prepared for exam they written exam well and got shortlisted for first round but Prakash failed to clear his Second round so he is working under Sathya in the same office. Gayathri played the dominating character she dominated the total family, in order to take their whole Jai Hind Vilas property. In order to achieve the whole property she involved in many malpractices. Sathya and Prakash comes to knew all the things, they both try to defect her and prove what she is doing to the family. But they failed to prove her illegal things made by her. Finally Sathya and Prakash stand together proved her behavior to her husband. Her husband comes to know all the things she do he send his wife and her sister out of his house. He applied divorce towards Gayathri but judgment is towards Gayathri to take her girl with her. Still Gayathri didn’t change her behavior she still fighting to get their property on another side Sathya and Prakash were fighting against here.

Awards of Deivamagal

Vikatan Awards (2013) – Best Serial

Sun Kudumbam Awards (2014) – Best Serial

Best Mamanaar- S.V.S. Kumar (Chidambaram)

Best Screenplay- V.K.Amirtharaj

Best Director – S.Kumaran

Best Negative Role Female – Rekha Krishnappa (Gayathri)

Devathaigal – Vani Bhojan (Sathyapriya)

Mylapore Academy 45th Annual Awards (2014)

Best Director- S.Kumaran

Best Character Actor- Sridhar (Devaraj)

Best Negative Role Actress – Sabitha Anand (Saroja)

Director S.Kumaran won Pioneer Director K Subrahmanyam Silver Rolling Trophy 
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