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vadivelu famous funny dialogues and funny dialogue images and photos

Vadivelu is a Tamil Comedy Actor, comedian, playback singer also known as "vaigai puyal" who has worked in 275 Tamil movies as a comedy artist and actor. He has made his appearance in the Tamil movie En Rasavin Manasile (1991), directed by Kasthoori Raja and also got good appreciations for his different style of body language and actions.

vadivelu famous funny dialogues


Vadivelu photo

Vadivelu was Born on October 10, 1960 in a small village at Madurai. Vadivelu is popularly known for his body language and also for his timimg sense of humour and hence he is called as "Vaigai Puyal"which means"the storm or tornado from the Vaigai River".Before entering in the film industry vadivelu lived his life by working in a small shop where paintings and glass works are made with a very small income of 100s of rupees hence he and family strived for a long time. But after entering in film industry by the help of Rajkiran his talent crowned him with sucess and hence he became one of the rich persons in tamilnadu.

Vadivelu reaction pic

Vadivelu funny dialogues images

Apart from his body language vadivelu was well known and became a popular person among Adult and children by his famous comedy dialogues which is also well known and widely spoken by all sorts of people who love comedy. Now in this page you can see or view famous comedy dialogues of vadivelu which you can share to your close ones to make them smile.Vadivelu has won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Comedian five times.Some of his nest films are Kaalam Maari Pochu (1996), Vetri Kodi Kattu (2000), Thavasi (2001), Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi (2006) and Kathavarayan (2008),Aadhavan (2009),Chandramukhi (2005), Marudhamalai (2007),Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikecei (2006). He aslo won film fare award.

Vadivelu funny reaction

Funny Dialogues of Vadivelu

  • What she is telling ? Y blood hmm same blood 
  • Hello Dubai yaaaaa……..
  • Sing in Rain … iam shoiiiing in the rain . 
  • You mean waste land? 
  • My family, total damage
  • Talk me 
  • Ey ey ey mister, adhigari nu sonnadhu enna
  • aa appidiye Shock ayiten
  • Enagaluuku Risk edukkarthu ellam rusk saapidra maathiri
  • Maappu…… vechitaangada aapu 
  • Athu pona maasam , naan sonnathu entha maasam. 
  • Ethu vaaliba vayasu. 
  • Ennuma entha oru nambala nambi kittu erukku. 
  • Right…. Vidu
vadivelu famous dialogue

  • Venaaam ..Valikkuthu..azhuthuduven
  • This is Drunken Monkey Style
  • Vada pocchey……..
  • Lochak pachak machak
  • Yey…….Enna vechu comedy geemedy oonum pannaliye!
  • Building strongu… basementu .. weak
  • Evalavu adichaalum summaa erukkaan da , evan romba naalavana.. nu soliitaaan…
  • Vaa maa minnal.
  • Enna kaiya pudichu izhuthiya
  • Anniyae pudunga vaenam
  • Indha rangalathalayum unakku oru kilukiluppu kekkudhu
  • Ippadi usuppethi, usuppethi odamba ranagalam aakkitaanuga da!
  • Aaha kilambitaanya!!
  • Avana neeyi

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